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These pages are offered for those who wish to download some of the appropriate information as .pdf files rather than standard web pages. The information contained in the files is essentially the same as on the web pages, though it may provide a better quality for printing.

You are welcome to download and use the information, but please respect the origin of the material and acknowledge its source if you use it elsewhere - I am constantly surprised where I see some of my material!!! I have redone several of the handouts with a watermark in a subtle (not!!) attempt to reduce the unacknowledged 'cut and paste' phenomenon. I am sorry if you find it tiresome or a distraction. If you really want/need a copy without the watermark, please let me know.


The files are provided on the same basis as the rest of the information i.e. 'as is'. They are not claimed to be a replacement for electrotherapy texts or research papers, but may provide some useful additional information or explanations.

I have not now included my PhD or key conference presentation materials as they were being widely copied - without reference to their origins - I was even examining a PhD in which some of my own PhD m,aterial was inserted - with no reference - the student claiming - by default - that it was their own work. I am happy to share material - that is why I put it up here - but please don't abuse this facility

If you REALLY want to read / access my PhD material, just e mail me :

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