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Electrotherapy on the Web provides current, non commercial information on various aspects of Electrotherapy / Electrophysical Agents. It is not presented as a replacement for current texts but attempts to provide an independent view of the current state of the art. The range of pages and topics continues to expand, and some of the long standing pages get updated whenever I can. There are still some new pages to write and new developments to add all the time.

This is a revamped version of the webiste - had to redesign and restructure due to hosting issues. Sorry if the design is a bit basic - hope that it is still useful for you.

The site is still attracting about 300,000 visitors a year - so I guess that it is providing something useful for someone - so I will keep it running for as long as I can

At the present time, the Twitter box (used to be always on show, left column) is not something that I have been able to replicate - I will work on it!

Professor Tim Watson

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Professor Emeritus, Physiotherapy

School of Health & Social Work

University of Hertfordshire


Visiting Professor of Physiotherapy

College of Social Science

University of Lincoln


Electrophysical Forum

The Electrophysical Forum has been LIVE since Nov 2016. It provides a place for discussion, exchange of ideas and a community of people who can assist with your questions relating to the use of electrophysical modalities

There is an panel of experts from around the world who have volunteered to assist in answering queries - so why not pay a visit and make the most of a resource which is free and open access??

The Electrophysical Forum is currently offline - for a while at least - as it was hosted by the same company as this main site - so bear with me

The information on these pages is provided in good faith and should be treated as such. If you make use of the information, please acknowledge its source - I am constantly amazed to see where this information appears without reference - I have no problem if you want to use it - that is what it is here for - but please do the decent thing and acknowledge the source.

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