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Why the New Website?

In 2016, I did a whole lot of work with a web designer and web programmer to revamp the whole website and bring it bang up to date

All good till a few weeks ago when the people who host the site were planning to turn off the servers, and therefore I needed to relocate the service

All OK - not rocket science - BUT the Website Builder with whom I had worked had, really sadly, passed away - completely unexpectedly - and took all the back office codes to the grave with him - the site could not be migrated without them.

I have had to reconstruct the entire site from scratch hosted by another commercial group

The reason why it is looking a bit more basic than the last version is that now I am retired and simply do not have funds to pay for another designer and coder - so I am afraid that, for the moment at least, this is the best coding that I can come up with.

The information is essentially the same - though I did update numerous pages while I was recoding - it just does not look as fancy - for which I apologise, but hope that it is still useful for you


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