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The International Society for Electrophysical Agents in Physical Therapy (ISEAPT) is a formal subgroup of the World Congress Physical Therapy (WCPT) and is the leading International organisation concerned primarily with Electro Physical Agents


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The Electro Physical Agents and Diagnostic Ultrasound (EPADU) group is a Professional Networks of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy based in the UK.


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Socities and Organisations Relating to Electrotheray and Electro Physical Agents


International Society for Electrophysical Agents in Physical Therapy (ISEAPT)

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Electro Physical Agents and Diagostic Ultrasound Group (UK)

This is the weblink for the UK Special Interest Group and Professional Network for both Electrophysical Agents and Diagnostic Ultrasound (EPADU) under the auspices of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy and Electrotherapy Related Links


Turn of the Century Electrotherapy Museum

Some fascinating stuff on machines from days gone by


Physiopedia is an ambitious project which aims to eventually offer an evidence-based knowledge resource for rehabilitation professionals throughout the world. This project is currently being developed with universities from the UK and the USA and we are keen to establish further partnerships with other institutions from around the world.  We are also seeking input from physiotherapy and physical therapy experts who will add great value to this resource


PEDro is the Physiotherapy Evidence Database. PEDro is a free database of over 18,000 randomised trials, systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines in physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Choices

Physiotherapy Choices is a database designed for use by consumers of physiotherapy services, including patients, their friends and families, health service managers, and insurers. The database provides a catalogue of the best research evidence of the effectiveness of physiotherapy interventions

Physio Wizard

Physio wizard is an educational site and aims to share knowledge for physio students and other healthcare rofessionals. It would not be possible without the kind donation of information by senior practitioners.

World Confederation for Physical Therapy

Link to the main WCPT website


Useful resource for jobs, courses and CPD opportunities


Sports injury website - mainly aimed at the public


This site aims to provide a raft of information relating to physio, jobs, research and discussion - worth a look

Healthcare Events

Healthcare Events is the leading organiser of healthcare conferences and exhibitions in the UK.

Wounds UK

Excellent resource based website predictably concerning aspects of wound care. Also links to e-newsletter which makes for a great read if this is your field of interest, research or practice

The National discussion forum for Nurses, Doctors & Allied Professionals working in (or with a specific interest in) acute and chronic pain management

Electrotherapy Wikipedia

Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia - some interesting information, views and references

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Direct links to CSP main web site

World Association for Laser Therapy

The World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT) was formed in May 1994 when two international organizations, (International Laser Therapy Association (ILTA) and International Society for Laser Application In Medicine (ISLAM)) unified to pursue the common goals of promoting research, education and clinical application of laser photostimulation world-wide. WALT pursues its mission of research, education, and clinical application of laser therapy via workshops, biennial congresses and our scientific journal – Photomedicine and Laser Surgery.

Center for Evidence Based Physiotherapy

Mission : To search, collect and disseminate available scientific evidence in the physiotherapy domain for physiotherapists, health care workers, patients and financiers of health care.

UK Cochrane Centre

The UK Cochrane Centre aims to facilitate and co-ordinate the preparation and maintenance of systematic reviews of randomized controlled trials of health care

Australian Physiotherapy Association

Includes access to journal articles, news and reviews

National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE)

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence works on behalf of the National Health Service and the people who use it. We make recommendations on treatments and care using the best available evidence.



Journal of Sports Therapy

The Journal of Sports Therapy aims to be an internationally recognised, scholarly, peer reviewed journal for sports therapists and other healthcare and research communities in order to advance musculoskeletal and sports related best practice

Educational Research and Resource Links


INTUTE : Health and Life Sciences (previously BIOME)

Web links for Health and Life Sciences - invaluable


German Electrotherapy Site

Human Hand in 3D

Potentially useful 3D hand map - can drill down to muscle, vessel and bone layers. Other maps available on the same site

Index of Physical Therapy Training programs in the USA

How to become a Physical Therapist : a non profit USA site with listing of training programs

Whole Brain Atlas

From Harvard Medical School - covers normal brain and pathologies

Clinical Trials

USA - National Institutes of Health - searchable database of clinical trials


Current research support - grants & opportunities. Also links to research methods information and stats help

Cochrane Library

Evidence based medical database


Free searchable online database (free version of MEDLINE) - free access to over 15 million publications - full reference and abstract


Excellent reource to dind publications, books, articles by same author, articles on a similar topic (and MUCH more). Also takes you to a location to download a pdf if there is one available.

BioMed Central

Wide variety of biomedical research journals - free access

British Medical Journal

Free access to original research articles


National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - UK resource for ' . .authoritative, robust and reliable guidance on current best practice . . . '

Health Information Resources (was National Library for Health)

Network of NHS (UK) library services and resources including online journal access if registered





A wide range of Electrotherapy Courses are delivered throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide with varying content, aims and duration.



Current books on Electrotherapy with brief descriptions

FAQs: Prof. Tim Watson

FAQs: Prof. Tim Watson

Some common answers to the most frequently asked questions on Electrotherapy, particularly in the area of Contraindications.